February 26, 2019

Sound Workshop and Flex Dance Demonstration

On March 1 at 6:00 pm (Room 549, Lathrop Hall), the Division of the Arts’ Spring 2019 Interdisciplinary Artist in Residence Rashaad Newsome will welcome flex dancers Hitmakerchinx, KitKat, and Soup at “Sound Workshop and Flex Dance Demonstration.” Hitmakerchinx will discuss his work as a DJ and emerging producer, followed by a DJ set of his original music. This event could be valuable for any Studio students, colleagues or organization members, and it will also be a wonderful learning opportunity. Flexing is a bone-bending dance that originated in New York City neighborhoods – now, along with its counterpart Flex Dance Music, flexing is becoming an international phenomenon. This will be an informal and interactive event. So bring a friend and come ready for a great experience! Feel free to RSVP on Facebook.