Call for Applications: 2019 Studio Creative Arts Awards

Originally posted 3/12/2019

Hello Studio residents! We are thrilled to announce our annual call for applications for The Studio Creative Arts Awards! These awards recognize and honor exceptional artistic projects and endeavors conceived of by 2018-2019 Studio residents to be carried out during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The Division of the Arts provides $500 of general support for a creative arts or design project. Two awards are available this year! One will be awarded to the Studio resident (or group of residents*) whose project meets the criteria for a unique RESEARCH PROJECT and the other award will go to the resident (or group of residents*) whose project meets the criteria for a SERVICE PROJECT in the area of creative arts and/or design.

We’re very excited to see everyone’s applications! Click here to read the full application directions, and once you’re ready to submit your application, click here to fill out the application form. Applications are due by Monday, April 2 at midnight.

If you need any inspiration, feel free to look into a project that Shasparay Lighteard just brought into fruition this month! Studio alum Shasparay had a vision for an event to highlight black arts, so she developed the Black Arts Matter Festival. It has a great message and it will impact campus for years to come.

Another example can be found in a documentary made by 2017 alum Mackenzie Berry. She produced an exemplary documentary about Muhammad Ali titled Ali the Poet. It highlighted his influence on the hip-hop industry through spoken word.

Finally, we can look at our 2018 alum Duncan Slagle who took his passion for ancient Greek and Roman mythology and is using it to tell an important story. He aims to bring more visibility to queer voices and narratives, using the classical canon of Ancient Greek and Roman mythology as a jumping off point.

Good luck!